Thursday, December 11, 2014

Crafts to keep them busy : Straw bangles

 Did some crafts to keep my nephews busy. i just come up with this bangle thing because of the things i have found around the house. straws, paper bags' shoelace-like strings. Well, it is definitely not an accessories for boys, but never mind. I just want them to practise their fine motor skills and wants to see whether they have patterns in minds. and most importantly i could not find any new ideas yet. haha.. 
The straws we use are pretty big. those big straws that you got when you bought Cendol or ABCs.

yes, practise your fingers and focus..

Maksu's ribbon necklace and nephews' bangles
Here are the boys toying around with the bangles. then they use the uncut straws to make their own swords..haha..truly boys!

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